annalisaAnnalisa Vicari is a valuable asset to the International School of Comics personnel. She is one of the most talented alumni of the International School of Comics in Florence. Her distinguished artistic sensitivity, creativity and style in drawing have allowed her to win the school travel abroad to Cuba at the end of three year program. Annalisa achieves a impressive experience working for several animation studios, first as an animator, then as a character design and storyboard artist. As a freelancer, she also explores the field of digital illustration and graphics design. During this artistic-professional carreer, Annalisa is always present in the school life, as a teacher, educational coordinator and events PR. Since dedicating her time to moving to the United States and becoming the Director of the Chicago location of the International School of Comics, her efforts in assisting the school to grow have greatly flourished. Annalisa believes that this is the experience of a lifetime and is honored to be the Director behind the new ventures that the Chicago school is embarking upon. From uniquely organized classes to increased marketing efforts, Annalisa has brought out all of the stops to ensure that the International School of Comics Chicago location finds great success as those schools in Italy have.

ā€œI strongly believe in the potential of this school. I was a student of International School of Comics and this school played a crucial role in my life as an aspiring artist and also for my personal life. I had the chance to meet great artists during my three years program, from which I tried to absorb as much as possible, and at the same time I found people, teachers, colleagues, friends and the staff, who have encouraged me during my growth as a professional. I was very young when I moved from my born city to study in Rome and Florence, so the school became my new family. I can understand what students feel, why guys are concerned start this career, why people are so worried to follow their dreams and do what they love to do. There are no absolute certainties. But there is courage, hard work, tenacity and International School of Comics! This is my goal: to provide accurate and professional guidance to students, assist and train them, built new professionals ready to face the great challenges of the international market of visual art.ā€