Jam Comic Time!

During our still life drawing session, the Illustration class made their very first jam comic! It turned out pretty hilarious. Artists are Adam Gates, Christopher Kutz, Jey Davis, Matt McCandless, and Gabby Billings.



Full Bleed: A Comic Art Showcase


Join the Chicago Comic Creators for Full Bleed: A Comic Art Showcase. This free gallery showing will feature artwork from some of the city’s best up-and-comic comic artists and writers.

Ten independent, local comic creators will be displaying artwork including pin-ups, sketches, sequential art, and comic books. All art on display will be on sale, and there’ll be a raffle featuring items that won’t be available anywhere else. 

Come for the original artwork. Come for the independent comics. Or come just for a night of music, food, and free beer.

Full Bleed is hosted by the International School of Comics of Chicago, an artistic hub for those who create or consume comics and illustration. 

Featured Comic Creators Include:

Ali Cantarella

Angel Onofre

Daniel Scheuermann and Warwick Johnson

Jacob Halton

Jon Michael Lennon

Jules Vulpes-Rex Shavirov

Kev Anderson

Leo Perez

Patrick Trahey


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Marek Sterling, Student on the Rise!

marek sterling self portrait

Marek Sterling is a talented young student who joined the school for one of our many workshops! Marek generously donated the time to answer our questions on the course he took. Thanks Marek!
What drew you to the International School of Comics?
After graduating high school, I wasn’t sure what I would do with my life. I thought pursuing a career in music was my passion, but quickly discovered that I wouldn’t be happy producing music for the rest of my life. During the summer of 2013, I was fortunate enough to commission Archie Comics artist – Tracy Yardley[!]. He sketched a few pieces for me, and I felt a little flame burst inside me as I was coloring them. I realized then that mastering sequential art was my gateway to a lifetime of happiness. However, I still had much to learn. I had never been a talented artist, and I could never create high quality art projects. As a result, I began to seek out schools that could teach me the basics of comic illustrations, which brought me to the International School of Comics, a school that had everything that I needed in one location.

How do you picture your future with the International School of Comics?

In the 3 weeks I first attended the International School of Comics, I was taught the basics of illustration by Marco Cosentino. In just that short amount of time, I was finally able to illustrate all the things I had always wanted to, and I notice my improvement in each piece that I create. By continuing my studies at the International School of Comics, I am confident that there is no limit to how much I can continue to evolve as an artist.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Can you illustrate how the International School of Comics has helped your artistic vision grow?

Before I attended the International School of Comics, I had very little confidence in myself as an artist. I would try to create art through sheer will and determination, but the school helped me to see that determination alone wasn’t enough. I had to put all doubts aside and believe in myself, and mostly importantly, have fun! Art in itself is a creative hobby. If you don’t enjoy what you do, you won’t enjoy embracing an artistic career. Rather than draw a subject based on what you know about it, illustrate it by breaking it down into shapes and construct it little by little until you’ve achieved your final detailed masterpiece. It’s true that art can’t be rushed. If you jump right into it without establishing a base to work off on, you will be dooming yourself from the start. Having patience and taking your time are two key elements for any artist to have.

Can you paint a picture of what a typical day in class is/was like for you?

The classroom itself is a nice, clean environment, free of distractions. The courses usually begin with the instructor(s) lecturing and asking questions in between to ensure that each student is following along and understanding what is being taught. The instructor also showcases examples of the lesson at hand, and demonstrates how it should be executed from conception to completion. Afterwards, the instructor will allow the students to practice what was just learned, walking around the room and checking on each students’ progress. If a student is having any difficulties, the instructor will personally work with them while also giving tips to help make improvements. The classes end on schedule, and the instructor will give a reminder about any homework assignments and their due dates.

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