Only The Beginning


Freetember is less than a Artist month away and with the hope to see a wide range of artist levels present, the International School of Comics has prepared a schedule to fit all interests.

All great art and masterpieces begin with a concept or an abstract idea that can be built upon. From television and movies to toys, video games and comics, an abstract concept lies beneath their creation.

The first Freetember class Above kicks off on Tuesday, September Comics 2nd from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with Kevin Kiung, concept artist and digital painter wholesale nfl jerseys who will introduce artists to begin concept basics and teach them to create a vision.

For two hours, artists of all skill levels will learn to y master the art of creating a concept and bring their dreams into achievable realities. The International School of Comics can assure that your vision will become a reality, as you will be equipped with tips, tricks and endless encouragement leaving you with cheap mlb jerseys a memorable experience.

Walk away from the first Freetember class with the confidence and wholesale mlb jerseys skills necessary to further your career as an artist or simply place your Free! vision on paper with a certificado plan.