Reward Yourself This Holiday

The Holiday season has finally arrived. What better way to enjoy yourself this year by doing something you love. Join the International School of Comics and fulfill your passion of art and illustration with our Life Drawing Workshop.

Take time for yourself this season every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and invest in your artistic ambitions. Led by artist Thomas Gianni, this course allows artistes both skilled and new to drawing to explore the fundamental techniques of art.

Throughout each lesson, students will build upon their knowledge and skills previously learned to create unique works of art.  From capturing quick poses and seizing the energy of a gesture to learning the technique of light and shadow, our Life Drawing Workshop covers an immense amount of material.

Upon mastering the eight steps to Life Drawing, students will then move onto steps nine and ten of the course, which include putting into practice all they have learned during previous lessons. Students will be introduced to the proper finishing techniques allow their masterpieces to speak volumes.

Allow yourself some joy this holiday season and join the International School of Comics for another wonderful workshop. Classes may be purchased individually or as a series to assure all lessons are covered.

From the International School of Comics to you, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and joyful New Year!

Jam Comic Time!

During our still life drawing session, the Illustration class made their very first jam comic! It turned out pretty hilarious. Artists are Adam Gates, Christopher Kutz, Jey Davis, Matt McCandless, and Gabby Billings.



A Colorful World

Join the International School of Comics for a journey into the world of digital coloring hosted by Ben Hunzeker. A seasoned professional colorist, Ben Hunzeker’s art has been featured in titles such as Archie Comics, G.I Joe and X-men. Under his guidance, this 10-week course will introduce artists, new and skilled, to the basics and intricate techniques of digital coloring.

The 10-week course will begin on December 12 and end on February 27 with a break on December 26 to celebrate the holiday. From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Friday, artists will come together to master a new area of art.

During the first week, students will gain basic knowledge of applications within Photoshop such as basic tools, panels, pallets and print settings. Each week the course will build allowing students to utilize the skills they have learned in previous weeks and develop their own piece of art.

By the end of week 10, students will have a completed portfolio demonstrating their knowledge and comprehensive understanding of digital coloring.

To learn more information on the Digital Coloring workshop or register visit, This is one opportunity you will not want to miss out on!

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