Established in 1979, the International School of Comics has made it way into the United States now located in Chicago, Illinois.

Located in the heart of the Midwest, the Chicago branch of the International School of Comics represents an alternative method of schooling for talented individuals whom want to pursue a career in comic art. Similar to that of the school in Italy, instruction is divided into various areas that allow students to choose in conformity with their skills and passions. With close instruction and articulated study, students are able to acquire an excellent education and skill set that will prepare them at the International level.

This unique three-year program utilizes students with specialized teaching methods in quaint class sizes, allowing students to feel professionally supported among one another. With a primary focus on high vocational training, the school boasts a strong portfolio of former students whom have made their debut in the editorial field.

Recognized as a Comics and Illustration institution, the school has been collaborating with many associations involved in social, humanitarian and animal rights organizations. Current partners include UNICEF, Amnesty International, Italian Animal Rights Organization, Emergency, WWF, L.A.V Anti-Vivisection League, Avis. The school also produced a calendar in 2013 based upon the sketches of young people in the juvenile criminal justice institute of Nisida.



Dino Caterini is a man who loves dreaming and believes in the power of art. Known as a distinguished eclectic designer, Mr. Caterini established the International School of Comics in 1979 in Italy with a goal to share his knowledge and professional experience with students through an art-focused curriculum prepping them with the proper guidance and the skills they need to compete at the professional level.

After more than thirty years of success, the school now has nine branches located in all major Italian cities including Rome, Florence, Turin, Naples, Padua, Brescia, Pescara, Reggio Emilia and Jesi.

With a very remarkable portfolio of work, Mr. Caterini’s comic art has graced some of the most renowned and oldest comics magazines in Italy including “il Corriere dei Ragazzi,” “I’Intrepido,” “Disney,” “Edifumetto,” “Rizzoli Corriere della Sera,” and “Tiramolla.” Additionally, he worked as an art director for TV stations including Telefantasy, Gbr, Tv40 and magazines including “Il Gironale di Solletico,” “Hercules,” “Experiment,” “Top Gigio” and Piccoli Brividi di Paura.”

The success does not stop there. Mr. Caterini also founded the Kawama Publishing House in Italy, which published the iCOMICS monthly magazine. The magazine featured not only the works of some of the more prestigious signature brands in comics drawing, but also the best graduates of the school

After years of prosperous entrepreneurial projects, his dream was to expand to the United States into the city of Chicago a leading city in the culture and graphic arts.

Mr. Caterini is a strong believer that passion, curiosity and creativity are key elements in becoming a professional author. He has great confidence in Chicago school as well as the students that are hoping to find their artistic passion.

“Dreams can come true.” – Dino Caterini