jillJill Thompson is a comic book illustrator, creator, and graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago. As a multiple Eisner Award winning illustrator and the 2011 Reuben Award winner for Best Comic Book Artist, Jill has kept extremely busy professionally illustrating comic books the majority of her life. She has illustrated comic books and graphic novels for Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Harper Collins, Marvel Comics, Sirius Entertainment, and Vertigo Comics. She has collaborated with George Perez on Wonder Woman, Neil Gaiman on Sandman, Grant Morrison on The Invisibles, Will Pfeifer on Finals, Evan Dorkin on Beasts of Burden, and WWE Wrestling Legend Mick Foley on Halloween Hijinx and Tales from Wrescal Lane.

Jill is best known for her own creations The Scary Godmother, Magic Trixie, The Little Endless Storybook, The Dead Boy Detectives, and Delirium’s Party, 2003’s best selling manga style book- Death: At Death’s Door. The Scary Godmother has been adapted for both the stage and television. The play adaptation had a successful run of 26 performances at the Athanaeum Theater with Jill lending her skills in adapting and co-writing the play as well as working as art director and set designer on the production. The television adaptation ran as two holiday specials, The Scary Godmother Holiday Spooktakular and Scary Godmother-The Revenge of Jimmy. Jill spent her time juggling duties as co-writer, editor, art director, background painter, prop and character designer, executive creative director, creative consultation, and executive producer over the course of both productions.

The International School of Comics is supremely excited to welcome Jill as our newest instructor this coming semester. Her first visit to the school turned into a highly engrossing, impromptu lesson which students and faculty alike found truly inspirational. Jill’s vibrant personality, experience, and vigorous passion for illustration promises to spark creativity and drive in anyone she encounters.